I started my poetic journey some time ago, and gradually these verses intertwined with my work, becoming the driving force behind each new creation. It all begins with a concise poem, which expands onto the canvas, transforming into a new form and occupying space. Through my poems, I celebrate the exquisite beauty of existence and the vast array of emotions we encounter. They serve as a reflection of my own perspective on life, and I believe that they will resonate with other women, hence why I embrace the label "voz de mujer" (voice of women).
Certain poems I write delve into the societal landscape, offering critiques on the role of women.
Meanwhile, others contemplate the purpose of life and cherish the occasional moments of beauty it bestows.
If you'd like to experience my poetic readings, please visit my poetry Instagram page @tatianaescallonPoesia.  

 El Arte y yo         01/2023

No me apresuren el final,
No me acorten la vida.
Con viento a favorA paso de mis lunas
Noche tras dia
Dejando salir   
Haciendolo ser,  

Art and I        

Don't rush the ending for me, 
Don't shorten my life.
With the wind on my side,
At the pace of my moons

Night after day
Letting it out Making it be  


Palabras que acarician,
manos que alimentan, 
la alegría no me abandona 
unas soy de hierro
otras un despertar al sol, 
bailo como hojas al viento
 río hasta impregnar tu aire
y lloro no sólo con lágrimas 
doy vida soy vida 
y así sigo tejiendo el mundo
con hilos de ternura y amor 
no nos apaga la fuerzano nos apaga el silencio,
 mujer siempre mujer  

WOMAN 03/2023

Words that caress,
Hands that nourish,
Joy never leaves me,
 as strong as iron,
a wake-up call to the sun,
I dance like leaves in the wind,
I laugh until I fill the air around you,
And I cry not only with tears,
I give life, I am life,
And so I continue to weave the world
With threads of tenderness and love.
 Strength doesn't extinguish us,
Silence doesn't extinguish us,
Woman always woman.  


incertidumbre grande
Donde desvanece la esperanza,
 Atrapada en un cuento sin salida,
Un cuento , temo dure una  eternidad,
Un cuento de tristezas
Donde los pasos se volvieron lentos
Y el silencio amplio.  

Great uncertainty
Where hope fades away,
Trapped inside a story with no  way out,
A story that I fear will last for eternity,
A story of sorrows
Where steps have become slow
And the silence grows wider.  

Nos Pertenecemos ​

Nos pertenecemos sin tiempo y  lugar
Estando aquí, estando allá,
Tuya es mi risa y mi inocencia
Mio es tu canto y tu alegría,
Mis manos en tu piel
Tu piel en mi cuerpo,
Nos pertenece el día y la noche
La calma y la locura,
Buscando ser uno aquí y ahora
Nos pertenecemos en el momento,
 ... y en el que le sigue.  

We Belong

We belong without time or place
 Being here, being there,
Yours is my laughter and my innocence
Mine is your singing and your joy,
My hands on your skin
Your skin on my body,
The day and the night belong to us
Calm and madness,
Seeking to be one here and now
We belong in the moment,
... and the one that follows.  

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